Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Here you will find the complete detail on the privacy policy of website. All the data of the visitors collected by us through site will be used according to the following given privacy policy. Visitors are advised to read all these given privacy policy details to use website.

What Personal Information will be collected by

Information like name, email address, phone number and address can be collected by us at different occasions on this website. All these information collected by us is mainly to serve you better.

Which Non-Personal Information we collect?

Information like browser name, browsing device, name of operating system you are using, your internet service provider name and your IP address can be collected via this website. All these information are non-personal information and can not be used to personally identified you.

What is Browser Cookies? How we use Browser Cookies information of a visitor?

Browser Cookies is a small unit of information which is send by a website and saved on your browser while browsing that website. We uses browser cookies information of visitor to serve them better content and services on our website.

Third Party Websites links on

User may see third party website links, content, advertisement on our website. All the content and services on those website is constantly changes. Therefore, we do not have any control or responsibility over the content and services on those websites. Visitors are advised to use those third party website at their own choice.

Changes in Privacy Policy hold the right to change and update the privacy policy of the website at any point of time. Therefore, we advise visitor to regularly check this page to stay update with the privacy policy of website.


At visitor may see ads by our advertisement partner. All those ads will be serve by ad server with the help of browser cookies. These cookies allows our advertisement partners to identified your computer & all other non personal identification information. Our ad partners try to show you relevant products or services ads you may interest.

Google Ad-sense is using Google Ad-sense advertisement network from Google. All the ads which is served to you by the Google is a result of DART cookie. Google ad-sense ads are generally depends upon cookie and does not access visitor personal identification information.

Acceptance of these Privacy Policy Terms

By using website, you are aware of the privacy policy terms of this website and accept it.

Contact Us

Visitor can contact us at any point of time regarding the confusion or problem with these privacy policy terms.

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